I’m going to China! Will you support me? 

Hi there! I hope you’re having a great 

spring and lookingforward to an awesome summer. I’m wrapping up my

last semester at MCC, and it’s hard to believe that I’m

almost done with four years of school! As I get ready to

graduate, I’ve been preparing for my next step in life,

but it’s not what you may think – I’m going to China! I’ve

joined a ministry called Campus Target, and in August I’ll

be on a plane headed overseas for the fall semester. I’m

writing to let you know about my plans, and ask if you’d

consider partnering with me as I share the Gospel in


Campus Target (CT) started in 2004 when two college

graduates from America went to China and found thousands of students who wanted to practice their

English, but almost no one who knew Jesus. During that year, they played basketball, ate meals, taught

about the Bible, and shared the Gospel. By the time they left China, all of their friends gave their life to

Jesus, and after that experience they came back home and started Campus Target. Since then, CT has

sent 200 young people to China, and over one thousand Chinese students have chosen to follow Christ.

I first heard about CT at a college ministry conference. My friend invited me to a conference called BASIC

Con and after the first session the speaker announced that there was a free pizza lunch after so I was

immediately interested. However what I did

not know was that it wasn’t just people

having pizza together but it was about a

ministry called Campus Target. After some

time of socializing; one guy named Josh got

up and started talking about what Campus

Target is, what they do, and how they make

the trip to China happen. As Josh was

finishing, something in my heart was like,

“this is the perfect opportunity for you; you

should go.” So I went for it.

When I get to China in August I’ll be a campus evangelist, and I’ll work with a small team of people to

reach one of that country’s top universities. We’ll make friends, experience Chinese culture, and share

our lives with our new friends – and all the time we’ll share our hope in Jesus and invite them to follow

Him. For those who make that decision, we’ll help them grow in their relationship with God and plug

them into a growing house church.

As I get ready to start this adventure, I’d like to ask for your help to make it happen. The cost for my

semester of ministry is $9,000, which includes everything I’ll need in China: airfare, training, health

insurance, apartment rent, meals, and more. Would you consider giving a financial gift to make my trip

possible? Specifically, would you pray about giving a $100-$500 gift toward my expenses? Of course, I’m

grateful for any gift you choose to give, and thank you for your generosity.

Also, I know that I’m stepping into an important time of ministry, and I’d like to build a team of people

who would commit to pray for me while I’m gone. I hope to share the Gospel with dozens of Chinese

college students this semester, and I know I’ll face challenges along the way. Would you commit to pray

for me regularly until I get back in January? If you would like to pray for me and receive my updates

while I’m gone, please include your email on the enclosed card, or send me an email at


Thank you so much for your support and care for me. I’m blessed as you consider giving and praying for

me. I hope you’re doing well, and thank you so much!

In Him,

Anna Boyuk

P.S. To give, go online to http://www.campustarget.org/give by June 15th. Thank you!

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