When God calls your heart.

There is a longing inside you 

That you cannot ignore. 

Something pulls at your heart; 

Longing for something outside of this world.

Something to fill you the way this world 


It makes you search for the source of that 

yearning, the end of the longings your whole being.  

When God pulls at your heart. 

It causes you to want him more than anything 

This world could ever offer. 

At the end of that tunnel;

When it seems like that pull at your heart won’t go away,

God fills you with a security in His arms. 

He fulfills you with his love and that is enough.

The joy of being in his presence and basked in his love is all you ever need because in the end, 

His love and your relationship is all that ever goes on for eternity. 

So when you get that longing in your heart 

Seek the Lord with all your heart. 

For he promises that those who seek will find. 

And you’ll never regret what comes out of it. 

You discover the greatest love that fills you beyond imagination.

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