Valentine’s Day with Jesus

For Valentine’s day I went on a date with Jesus. I spent time with Him because above all his love is all that matters. He loves me like nobody else can and his love never fails. The love for him just grows the more time spent in his presence. Making the decision to having a relationship with Jesus Christ was the best decision i ever made because i have never had more hope and joy in my life than know him personally.  There is no greater love than a Savior who gives himself up as the payment for a Price of death we all deserved. Valentine’s day may not have anything to do with the Christian faith but can still remember the true one whose love never fails. 

People have different definition of love. Would anyone really reject unfailing love from the one who created us? One that is always there no matter how much mistakes have been made..This is how celebrated this day of love. How did you celebrate?

I hope it was a great Valentine’s day for all! 


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